Professional Flea Treatment

Lets face it, we all hate fleas. They literally make us dread going home or people coming round. Unfortunately if you have pets it generally happens to everyone at least once. Pace Specialist Cleaners VanAn infestation that’s hard to get under control, often does require professional intervention.

As fully trained and licensed exterminators we have you covered.

What we need from yourselves prior to us arriving and during the visit:

  • Arrange to be out of the house if possible during application.
  • Arrange for your pets to be out of the house away from any contact with the spray. In the case of fleas you must have your animal treated by a vet for the treatment to work on the textiles or they could be re-contaminated.
  • Move furniture off carpet as much as possible. Edges of the room around the skirting do need to be exposed.
  • Do not re-enter room unless advised to do so by ourselves. Once the chemicals dry you’re fine to re-enter. Usually 1-2 hours to dry.
  • Move any precious ornaments as this avoids any potential damage.Photo of a flea

This is a home treatment and will get rid of the home infestation. However your pets should be professionally treat for fleas by a vet too. You really do need to tackle both at once or you are risking the home being re-infested.

Prices start from £40

We cover Sunderland and surrounding areas in a van branded for carpet and upholstery cleaning for anyone worried about discretion or neighbours seeing a pest control van. They will just think you’re having some cleaning done.